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Liberty London Autumn Leaves
Raising the Profile

In September 2018, an open call went out from the Liberty store in London to designers and artists worldwide, requesting submissions to their annual LibertyOpenCall design event.

AislinnHome was launching officially in the following month (October 2018), however much design work behind the web launch had been done in the previous 12 months, but one design in particular which was earmarked for production in Autumn/Winter 2019 bore some of the hallmarks of a "Liberty print".  

Only one design per entrant was allowed and on hearing the call, it seemed an obvious decision to send "Autumn Leaves" as the official submission from AislinnHome.  Not really sure what to expect I felt confident the submission could do quite well and at the very least, help to raise the profile of AislinnHome via social media.  

In November 2018, four designers were officially announced as the winners of the competition and their success was officially tracked over the next 6 months.  AislinnHome was not among them.  The quality of the entries however was superbe, such a high level of creativity was on show for all to enjoy.  

I thought no more of the contest until January, when I received a direct message on Instagram telling me Liberty had loved my design submission, and asking if I would like my design to be included in an upcoming print publication.  I of course, said yes.  

Again, I thought no more of it, until a recent email from Liberty announced my design was included as part of an editorial piece on the LibertyOpenCall winners, and now formed part of the latest Liberty Book which went on general sale on April 5th 2019.  

From over 5000 design submissions, "Autumn Leaves" was selected as one of 24 designs to be included in the Liberty Book.  With the #aislinnhome Instagram hashtag clearly indicated, and the book being sent to 25,000 existing customers, plus being sold in-store and online, I'm hopeful of a raised profile.  

Am I pleased?  Absolutely delighted!


Please note:

Autumn Leaves is not scheduled for full production until September/October 2019 along with several other colourways of the same design.  This collection will be promoted on a velvet base.

However, if you are interested, you may purchase a sample or order a pre-sales fabric of choice by contacting  We would be happy to discuss an alternative choice of fabric and or made to order luxury cushion/pillow prior to the official launch.  


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