Cygnus "Black Swan"

Discover our Cygnus "Black Swan" collection of cushions made from 100% Cotton.  Available in two sizes and a selection of style and colour variations.   

Design Inspiration
An old photograph of a black swan wading at the side of a pond in St.James' Park was the initial inspiration for this collection.  Long intended to do something creative with the image, it wasn't until a screen-printing weekend in 2017 sparked the ideas which were then developed further.  

The photograph was sketched to simplify outlines, then layered with various colour styles of painted strokes before being scanned, digitised and worked on further, altering layers as the project progressed.  

We have separated the initial concept into a series of very different design styles which we believe will appeal to many tastes.  Our "Heritage" variation utilises a very subtle colouring, while "Impasto" speaks to those who enjoy a strong, bold colour scheme.

*If you are unsure of colour matching our products, we recommend you purchase a sample of our cushions or fabrics before you place an order.  Please contact us directly at