Explore our Dandelion range of cushions made from 100% Cotton.  Available in two sizes and several colour values.   

Design Inspiration
The flower head of Taraxacum is composed of numerous florets of bright golden yellow which slowly evolve into that ball of fluffy seed-heads we commonly call Dandelion. 
As the plant grows, matures and dies it casts off hundreds of feather-light seeds upon warm winds.  Observing this gentle passage of time, our Dandelion range has been thoughtfully designed to reflect some of these subtle changes.  
Created from hours of careful observation, then photographed in it's early stage of transition, the seed head was then sketched, coloured and imported into a computer programme where the drawing was refined into these designs.  

Dive into this design and see the world of the humble dandelion as seen through the eyes of a bumble bee.

*If you are unsure of colour matching our products, we recommend you purchase a sample of our cushions or fabrics before you place an order.  Please contact us directly at sales@aislinn-HOME.com