Fera Silvam

Design Inspiration
Take a wander under the dense canopy of Fera Silvam. 

Ever wondered what it must be like for a tiny creature to look up through dense undergrowth to the sky, through long grasses and wild flowers; a wilderness where it’s easy to lose yourself in shape, colour and density?  A kaleidoscope of hues and patterns await all intrepid explorers, but be aware, it’s easy to become lost.  Such is our colourful interpretation of a world in miniature.  This collection is vibrant and manically geometric, just like nature.

Discover our Fera Silvam collection of cushions made from 100% Cotton.  Available in two sizes and a selection of colour variations.   

*If you are unsure of colour matching our products, we recommend you purchase a sample of our cushions or fabrics before you place an order.  Please contact us directly at sales@aislinn-HOME.com