Aislinn-HOME was borne from a dream.  A dream of nature, of wildlife, of the natural world, of abundant beauty drawn from this magnificent world we all call home, and a strong desire to turn those dreams and inspirations into a physical, tangible reality which others may touch, hold and enjoy as their own. 

Drawing inspiration from beauty, be it from colour, shape or form, Aislinn-HOME utilises various creative tools to produce a final design for production.  Our work may start off life as a simple sketch, a photograph or inspired by a line from a poem.  Ideas are sketched, detailed, coloured before being stylised, stripped back to produce a design that can be simplified and repeated for print production.  Experimental creative practical techniques using traditional hand-printed methods are actively encouraged and often combined with photographic and digital imagery to produce the final piece.  Our designs are equally "at home" in a commercial environment.  

Our award-winning designer David MacQueen, is the main design practitioner and has been in the design industry for a number of years.  With a background in Design for Home and Garden, his understanding of the natural world, art, design principals, textures and surface pattern for the home has been well-established.  Bringing such a wealth of design knowledge, technical skills and an eye for aesthetic detail to Aislinn has enabled our designs to look fresh and unique every season.  

We work with a number of professionals throughout the British and Irish Isles who together, produce what we consider to be excellent products of imagination and manufacture.  

"Aislinn" is a Scottish Gaelic word (pronounced; ash-leeng).  It means "dream", "vision", "to be in the act of dreaming".  It is from our initial "dream" we bring you Aislinn-HOME products.